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We want to maximize the impact of our research on the community! Beyond conducting cool and exciting experiments, we are part of training the next generation of scientists and educating the general public about our work. As part of our outreach efforts, we have developed BEEP (Butterfly Experimental and Education Program ), an outreach program that aims to bring research-based learning experiences to middle school science teachers and their classrooms!

BEEP offers opportunities for teachers to participate in a 1-week summer training session at Auburn University. During this session, teachers will learn and receive the materials to conduct research in their classroom, with their students. During the school year, we will visit the teachers' classrooms, and prepare the teachers to lead a series of experiments focused on butterfly wing color patterns. The learning experiences are designed to align with state learning standards for middle-school students and to be conducted in 50-minute class sessions. In addition, BEEP will provide opportunities for the teacher and their students to participate in other outreach events and the state science fair competition. 


The program offers varying levels of commitment and participation from the teachers, to accommodate their already busy schedules! The program also includes incremented stipends of up to $1500 per teacher, based on their level of participation in the outreach program.

Spots are limited, so reach out NOW! We'd be happy to tell you more about the program and discuss how it may fit into your curriculum and classroom.

For more info, contact Dr. Brian Counterman at, or enter your info below!

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