Brian Counterman

Wants to better understand how adaptive variation evolves and develops in natural populations.


Principal Investigator

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The Lab Group 

Alex Colombara

Joining us after finishing her PhD in marine biology, she's eager to learn about butterflies and their color patterns. 


Lab Manager

Shivam Bhardwaj

Joining us after finishing his PhD in Singapore exploring phenotypic plasticity of butterfly color patterns, he brings a dazzling array of techniques to study wing pattern development.


Postdoctoral Researcher

Caleb Benson

Interested in computational genomics and characterizing the regulatory architecture of Heliconius wing pattern variation.

Lab Technician

James Ogilvie

Ecology and genetics of Heliconius warning coloration.

PhD Student

The undergrad team!

Professional butterfly rearers and scientists in training.

The heart and soul of the lab!

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Lab Alumni

Jennifer Fenner (PhD 2019)

Postdoc at Auburn University in Ryan Range's lab.

Emily Shelby (MS 2019)

PhD student at University of Georgia

Fernando Rodriguez Caro (​MS 2018)

PhD student at University of Montana in Jeff Good's lab.

Jared Cole (​MS 2018)

PhD student at UTAustin in Mark Kirkpatrick's lab.

Steven Van Belleghem (Postdoc 2017)

Postdoc at UPR with Riccardo Papa.

Steven Shaak (​PhD 2016)

Faculty at Stockton University

Justin Yeager (​Postdoc 2016)

Faculty at Universidad de las Americas, Quito, Ecuador.

Chris Savell (​MS 2016)

Computational Biologist at Hudson Alpha

Margarita Baquero (​MS 2016)

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